A little glimpse into the home of Pierre Brice

In the far west of France is Brittany, a rough piece of earth that is almost completely washed over by the raging sea. Brittany is a symphony of water and rock ...

The people often lead a hard life, as fishermen, members of the navy, or as farmers, industry is hard to find in Brittany, tourism has taken a great boom in recent years and helps many Bretons to earn their income. 

The Bretons uphold their Celtic heritage, they are not really French, but are related to the Irish, Scots and Welsh. This fact is reflected very much in the customs and in the very special music, which is often interpreted with bagpipes and bombardes.

The landscape is characterized by rugged coastlines, but also beautiful bays with beautiful beaches, mysterious forests in the interior of the country and countless offshore islands that surround the whole of Brittany. 

In between there are picturesque towns with mostly medieval centers, in which time seems to have stood still ... An example of these medieval old town centers can be found in the prefectural seat of southern Finistères, in Quimper.

The climate of Brittany is influenced by the Gulf Stream, moderate summers and mild winters are the rule. The rapid change between sun and stormy weather is also typical of the weather there

The port city of Brest, where Pierre Louis le Bris was born on February 6, 1929, lies on a huge natural roadstead that houses a large part of the French navy. However, this also led to the fact that this city was razed to the ground in World War II and, unfortunately, consists almost entirely of functional buildings, as the people of Brest quickly needed a roof over their heads again. Here is a view of the fortress of Brest, which today houses the Naval Museum, among other things.