Pierre Brice
We remember the Winnetou legend 
 * February 6th, 1929 † June 6th, 2015

Pierre Brice-

when you hear or read his name, you automatically think of the Apache chief Winnetou. And vice versa as well. 

For millions he was the idol of childhood and youth, they sat fascinated in the cinema, then later in front of the television, you bought the BRAVO, papered the room with countless posters and carefully hoarded the autographs, if you got one, usually under Enclosed with an international reply coupon.

Pierre Brice, unforgettable Winnetou.  Photo by Hella Brice

When, in 1976, the Karl May Festival in the small town of Elspe succeeded in engaging Pierre Brice for the role of Winnetou, that should be the starting shot for many years of the "hands-on star".

Many got to know - and appreciate - him during these years as a person who was very humorous, always had time for his fans (he called them friends, he didn't like the term "fans" very much) - everyone got his or her autograph or that Longed-for joint photo.

One quickly noticed, also through conversations, that this man stood up not only in his parade role, but also in life for values that today sometimes seem forgotten or unimportant.

And that is the aim of our website, to keep the memory of this man - on the one hand a star, on the other simply the person - alive. And it helps to exchange ideas about experiences, to share photos.

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Embark on a little journey into memories, into the world of Pierre Brice, who became the face of Winnetou and will probably remain forever. 

Here you will find a look at the eventful life of Pierre, a collection of largely unknown photos, as these come from private individuals and Hella Brice also made one or the other available to us.

We will not publish any pictures (for reasons of copyright alone) that can already be seen on the Internet.

Pierre Brice WinnetouAs before, we will inform you on this website about current events and news about Pierre Brice and Winnetou.

We are pleased to be able to present Pierre's galleries in a much more beautiful form on this page and hope to get one or the other photo in the course of time.

We wish you a lot of fun here!